What to Pack for an African Safari

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What to Pack for an African Safari

What to Pack for an African Safari

What to Pack for an African Safari & what not to pack!

Pack lightly & enjoy your travel experience more with less worry & extra freedom…..

You are embarking on a trip of a lifetime and that may cause you some worry about what to pack!  In this addition find out the “Safari Essentials,” that will make your trip a success.  If you forget something we will help you find it in Africa or we will simply make a plan!  This phrase will echo in your mind the more time you spend in Africa.  We can’t express enough (from years of experience) that packing light is the best way to go. Bon Voyage!

                                   List of Essentials 


  • 2-4 Comfortable short & long sleeved shirts
  • 2 Pairs of hiking pants
  • (pants that zip into shorts are very handy)
  • 2 Pairs of shorts
  • Warm jacket or fleece jacket
  • Light rain coat & wind-stopper
  • Swimming suit aka “Bathing Costume”
  • Wide brimmed hat for sun protection
  • Socks & underwear/small toiletry bag
  • Light well-ventilated sturdy hikers
  • Pair of flip flops for shower or inside
  • (Not outside due to thorns and snakes)


  • Binoculars 8x to 10x magnification, Camera & Accessories (battery,charger,card & lens cleaner)
  • Reliable headlamp 200 lumens or more, Waterproof Bag or Ziplocks, Day Pack with water bottle
  • Batteries, adapters, guidebook/wildlife

First Aid & RX

  • Rx for diarrhea, nausea, headaches, indigestion, heartburn, sore throat, stomach flu, antiseptic lotion
  • Bandages and Band-Aids, sunburn treatments, antihistamines for bites,  and eye drops
  • Malaria tablets if malaria transmission occurs in the country you are planning to visit
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen SPF 30 non-greasy
  • There are well stocked pharmacies for many products that may be overlooked


  • Passport, Visas, Insurances, Emergency numbers, Extra travel funds, and Allergies communicated to your Guide

What Not to Bring!

  • Drones, Camouflage clothing, Perfume or Aftershave, Jewelry, Too many outfits, Hard bulky suitcases
  • Anything annoying to your fellow traveler

Packing Tips

  • Avoid dark colors and instead opt for khaki, green & beige, We fly on bush planes – Luggage must not surpass 20kg or 40lbs
  • A light backpack is better than a suitcase, Quick drying ventilated clothing is best, Some form of laundry is available