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My Life in the bush

My Life in the bush

Fannuel working for a Non Profit Conservation organization focusing on Painted Dogs in Zimbabwe

Conservation Reflections from Zimbabwe

Fannuel Nsingo is a native of Zimbabwe, and conservation enthusiast who is passionate about African wildlife.  Fannuel now resides in British Columbia, Canada but is fortunate to work in Africa, offering safaris within National Parks.  This allows him to continue to pursue his interest in conservation & wildlife and to visit with his close-knit family.  His experiences working for Painted Dog Conservation unfold as you follow the Blog “Conservation Reflections.”

Fannuel has worked alongside animals within the eco-tourism industry but more recently branched out into a more ethical and true form of conservation, focusing on protecting endangered species.  One such creature is the painted dog, whose numbers have significantly dwindled due to human encroachment, poaching and loss of habitat.  He has been on location both in Hwange National Park and Mana Pools National Park, where there is still a higher concentration of dogs to study and protect.

Painted Dog Conservation Headquarters in Dete

Having managed the rehabilitation centre for painted dogs at the PDC headquarters, Fannuel began tracking, researching and monitoring several groups of painted dogs in Mana Pools.  Based out of a tent situated along the Zambezi River, Fannuel will reflect upon his past day to day experiences in this Blog.  Imagine elephant herds passing by your campsite pausing to munch on acacia branches and hippos standing outside the tent and battling alongside unsuspecting campers. Baboons and monkeys frolicking in the site; touching everything they could get their hands on, and majestic eland grazing outside the mesh window during the night.  Hyenas and buffalo roaming closely…..sometimes a little too close, and the occasional lion stalking you while walking 700 metres to take a shower after soaring 60 degree temperatures.  These experiences are woven together making up just another regular day living in the bush!  Follow “Conservation Reflections,” to catch a glimpse into what life was like living in both Hwange National Park & Mana Pools National Park.

If you are interested in our Painted Dog Conservation Experience please contact us for more details.

Painted Dogs (Lycaon Pictus) in Hwange National Park.